Tony Sweet

Executive Producer & Host

Tony Sweet is a radio personality and multi-media mogul whose unparalleled success both in front of and behind the microphone has led him to be the most sought-after name in podcasting, live streaming, and vidcasting production. Whether he’s interviewing the who’s who of Hollywood, garnering millions of views and downloads, producing podcasts and digital media for A-list celebrities, or shepherding fresh content to an international audience, Tony’s out-of-the-box thinking, tenacity, and go-getter spirit have helped him break entertainment boundaries and solidify his place as a new media luminary. Tony’s wildly popular radio/WebTV show, “Truth Be Told,” garners over 5 million downloads listeners each broadcast and is one of the pioneering shows of online radio. Its success is rooted in Tony’s affable, heartfelt style, and his paranormal and buzz-worthy news stories. In his visionary “reality radio” format, Tony features celebrities, politicians, and religious figures as he navigates hot-button topics and controversial issues.

Bonnie Burkert

Producer & Host

After hitting the upper ranks at several major labels promoting superstars including Radiohead, Metallica, Björk and The Cure, Bonnie Burkert shifted her prowess to the wellness and spirit worlds, working with Bhakti Fest, Contact In The Desert, DisclosureFest, documentary Mantra: Sounds Into Silence, and über-healthy Flackers Crackers. Her Kundalini yoga certification and studies in ayurveda, shamanic traditions, Law of Attraction, earth ascension, and herbology earned her the nickname YogiBon: purveyor of Good Vibes.

Robert Hensley

Producer & Host

Robert Hensley is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and makeup artist. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, he has worked in a variety of roles on theatre, television and film projects. Formerly the host of the successful FACE VALUE podcast, Robert is happy to return to the medium with MINUTEMAN REPORT, a short-form news format for the strange and unusual. While producing his small part of the TRUTH BE TOLD brand, he is also the Talent Producer for TRUTH BE TOLD, booking many of the guests for Tony’s Friday live show.


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