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TIME OUT WITH CHAD BELL is a dynamic new podcast at the intersection of sports, strategy, and success. It’s the ultimate inside look at what it really takes to be a champion. Hosted by one of the most soughtafter Player Development Skills Coaches in the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Chad Bell, TIME OUT WITH CHAD BELL deep dives into how sports legends are made. Behind every player is a story of struggle, stamina, and sacrifice, and Bell peels back the curtain on athletes who turn their talent into stardom. But, the road to triumph is not
glamorous or simple. TIME OUT WITH CHAD BELL reveals raw, honest truths about not only the highs but also the lows of achieving athletic greatness. With guests spanning the spectrum of athletics, from Basketball Legends to Olympic Icons to Barrier Breakers, Bell has the scoop on all things sports related.

TIME OUT WITH CHAD BELL celebrates outofthebox thinking, perseverance, and setting massive goals. The way Bell sees it, every athlete has the capacity for excellence but the trick is to create a blueprint that covers physical, mental, and spiritual preparation. With this as his mission, Bell helps listeners understand the process behind how great athletes and coaches are created. From fundamentals to lifestyle to values to failures, Bell and his guests cover everything from nitty gritty details to bigpicture vision. What’s the most overlooked factor in success? What’s the lifestyle of a professional athlete? What’s the most important aspect of selfcare? Whether listeners are aspiring athletes, coaches, or fans of the game, Bell delivers real talk that translates into immediate action steps. Bell wants every listener to get up, get moving, and get their plan in gear.

CHAD BELL believes the work you put in is the success you get out, both on and off the court. With passion and purpose, Bell pushes players
to obtain the tools they need to master the craft of basketball. Bell oozes expertise in both playing and coaching and has incredible athletic
instincts he’s honed his whole life. Now, he shares his skills with others as a Player Development Coach with the Los Angeles Clippers where he helps players realize their maximum potential as witnessed in the Clipper’s 202 1 historymaking firsttime appearance in the Western
Conference Finals.

Bell began coaching with the Clippers in 2016 and has assisted in shaping the skills of basketball superstars Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Black Griffin, JJ Reddick, Jamal Crawford, Paul George, Montreal Harrell, and Kawhi Leonard. Before the Clippers, Bell held coaching posts at the University of Wyoming, Southern Utah University, and at his alma mater, University of Nevada, where he helped lead the team to the 2012 conference title. He began coaching after attending the Los Angeles Laker free agent camp where he was invited to assist with the rehab of Andre Bynum as he prepared to return to the Lakers after an injury. Bell is a native Los Angeleno, born and raised in Inglewood. A formidable 7’ center, he was a standout on Westchester High School’s powerhouse team and participated in two Los Angeles City championship teams there. He played college ball at both University of New Mexico and University of Nevada, where he was a member of two conference champion teams. After college, he played in the NBA G League and in Romania as part of the Euroleague.

But, every step of the way, Bell’s coaches noticed his positivity, relationship building strengths, and natural ability to motivate everyone
around him. Time and again, mentors encouraged him to consider coaching. Focused solely on his original goal, Bell continued his playing
career, but once he gave coaching a try, he was hooked. He’s known for turning players into thinkers and reactors of the game
and for helping each team member find their niche. He knows how to inspire and challenge every person on the team to become the best
versions of themselves. The way he sees it, basketball gave so much to him, he’s happy to be giving back. Bell resides in Los Angeles and when he’s not on the court, you may find him on TV! He’s had recent appearances on Blackish and The Upshaws.

Bell is a volunteer coach for the Inglewood Youth Basketball League and is a supporter of Inglewood Active Communities. He is also a proud
member of the Black Coaches Association


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