Dee Dee Sorvino


Dee Dee Sorvino is an Emmy Award winning host who loves to mix it up with fun folks and strong drinks. She knows that the best conversation happens around the bar or at a party and on Drinks with Dee Dee, audiences need not go far for the experience. An award-winning television and radio host, comedian, actress, cookbook author, and elected official, Dee Dee is co-author of Pinot, Pasta & Parties with her husband legendary actor, Paul Sorvino. On Drinks with Dee Dee, food and drink is always on the table. Need a drink, joke, advice?

This might just be your cup of tea (Long Island tea, of course).And you never know who might show up to join the fun. Whether it’s big movie stars (including husband Paul) or next- door neighbors with a good story to tell and great free liquor, guests will join Dee Dee to discuss current events, Hollywood politics, disco, music, and travel. On Drinks with Dee Dee, she makes every hour a Happy Hour!


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