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THE EDGE OF IT ALL is a dynamic new podcast at the intersection of athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and every day people from all walks of life. It is the ultimate insider!s look at what it really takes to gain the EDGE. Hosted by Trey Edge, broadcast journalist and former college football player, THE EDGE OF IT ALL dives deep into how legends from all walks of life are made. Behind much success, there is often an untold story of sacrifice and struggle. Trey gets to the heart of those challenges, and taps in to the big dreams that kept his guests going. THE EDGE OF IT ALL reveals raw, honest truths about the highs and lows of achieving greatness. With guests spanning a wide range of industries, to include sports, entertainment, and business, THE EDGE OF IT ALL peels back the layer on what it takes to succeed.

THE EDGE OF IT ALL is a burst of behind the scenes conversations as Trey and his guests reveal some of the most fascinating stories that influenced some of the most memorable moments….What is the most overlooked factor in your story? What was the most terrifying part of your journey? What was the key decision you made that changed everything? When did you realize the risk was worth it? What is the story BEHIND the story? Trey Edge!s deep pocket knowledge of sports, plethora of business wins, and numerous swings and misses allow him to create water-cooler moments and mind-blowing insights that will inspire, educate, and amuse his audience.

Trey grew up in a sports-crazed home and followed in the footsteps of his QB father by being a second-generation player at UNC. His passion evolved into becoming a sideline reporter, play-by-play announcer, and color analyst for high school, college, and Arena League football. On his numerous radio shows, he!s
interviewed hundreds of athletes and coaches and garnered a reputation as a fun conversationalist, and an informative host. Trey resides in North Carolina with his wife and remains a die-hard UNC Fan.




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