Jeff Rector


“Out There” with Jeff Rector focuses on the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in the news, on television, the big screen, the media and everywhere else in the Universe. Celebrity guests critique new movies, TV shows, and discuss aliens, monsters  and what’s trending, because the Truth is Out There!” Jeff Rector is an award-winning writer, director, producer and working actor with over 150 film and television credits. Genre credits include “American Horror Story”, “Automation”, “Face of Evil”, “Black Scorpion” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to name a few. In addition to “Out There”, Jeff is the Host and Producer for SFN: Science Fiction News, an entertainment news show. 
He is the official spokesman for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  Tune in if you DARE! Find out more about Jeff on his  website:


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