Meaty Panda & Cazden Hunter


Out of the Kennel: Kink, Fetish & Queer Life

Presented by, “Out of the Kennel: Kink, Fetish & Queer Life” is co-hosted by Meaty Panda and Cazden Hunter aka Pup Fable. Together they explore topics in the leather and LGBTQ+ communities with special guests and share their handler & pup adventures as they journey deeper into the world of kink, fetish, non-monogomy/polyamory and other ways of living beyond the mainstream as gay millenial men in Los Angeles.


Meaty Panda lives in Los Angeles and is the Editor-In-Chief of Cybersocket and lead consultant of Marketing & Partnerships at CLAW. He is a former veteran fashion publicist and got introduced to fetish and kink at the age of 22 when he began working with the Tom of Finland Foundation. He is the handler to Pup Fable, also known as Cazden Hunter.

Cazden Hunter lives in Los Angeles and is an adult entertainment performer, model and go-go dancer. He is a human pup known as Pup Fable and won the inaugural “Pup of the Year” Cybersocket Award in 2022. His pup handler is Meaty Panda.


  • Instagram: @cybersocketig
  • Twitter: @cybersocket

  • Instagram / Twitter / TikTok: @meatyandcazden
  • “CLAW Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend”




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