Dr. Jocelyn Eberstein


It’s Not You – It’s Autoimmune Hosted by Dr. Jocelyn Eberstein and Anna Strong. Get inspired to live a stronger and healthier life with our two hosts leading each 45 min show! Dr. Jocelyne

Eberstein, L.Ac., O.M.D. who is the head of the eCenter for Wellness and Comedian/Producer – Anna Strong who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Given her past experiences, Anna has now become a health advocate for all people. These ladies come together to battle the misconceptions about autoimmune diseases and to empower their audience to become immune competent. Good health is just a podcast away! These women will help you feel better so that you can live better. You’ve Got This America – It’s Not You… It’s Autoimmune with Dr. Joceylyn Eberstein and Anna Strong. They will be streamed on UBNGo Network (guests include Health Experts, Athletes, and Celebrities)




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