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Tom Eddington


Is your team tuned out? Then tune in to Tom for his engaging and powerful insights on Conscious Leadership

Tom Eddington is one of the most sought-after business acceleration partners in Silicon Valley, having advised some of the most-admired companies, world-renowned CEOs and top executives grow and catapult their organization’s success. Organizations include: HP,W.L. Gore, MBNA Corporation, Royal Dutch/Shell and Taproot Foundation.

Spanning from work-life integration to team and community building, Tom’s podcast offers listeners on-the-ground insights about contemporary leadership challenges and the methods to overcome them. Based on his own professional and personal life-altering experience, he draws from a vast range of Conscious Leaders and provides interactive, entertaining and informative interviews with change agents who know that true leadership comes from the inside out.

He brings this important business background, knowledge and experience, along with lessons learned from his own dramatic perspective-shifting life experience, as to what makes a truly great business to his listening audience.




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